Partnership for Whole School Change


"Great human potential is not rare; it is abundant. What is rare are cultures that both allow and nurture it."  PWSC Founder

Our website is a professional development resource for K-12 schools and educators, parents, and college education professors and their students. It is also the Digital Center for the Transformation of School Culture and K-12 Education and Globalization. Using this website, 
K-12 schools collaborate with our developers to establish   school cultures that prepare our citizens to humanely succeed
Sir Ken Robinson, global educator, narrates a humorous
animation that provides a snapshot of what this website is about.
If our nation is to succeed in the global economy, our K-12 schools must change. The Partnership For Whole School Change helps our schools make this change.


The Arts play a key role
, due to their capacity to "lift all boats" and expand each school member's conceptual and emotional capacities. The Arts keep school members engaged and enhances their passion, humanity, comprehension, and their ability to change.  


Though each school culture is
unique, they all must help students build their character and engage with the natural world. Each school culture has to uphold the creation of relationships that are authentic and caring. Within this culture, students use language arts, math, the arts, and other abstract symbols as tools.


With these tools, students
calculate, create, communicate, administrate, and build. They learn to become engaged citizens with entrepreneurial and civil society skills who work, own, invest, and love fairness and learning. These abilities enable our citizens to humanely succeed in the global marketplace
The need for school change is seen in the social disconnect our current election for president has revealed. Massive ignorance of the globalized world we all live in fuels this social disconnection. Nations with K-12 schools that teach global market knowledge give their citizens the conceptual and communication abilities to maintain their social connection and the understanding to deal with globalization's challenges constructively.
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Using the 35 transformational services in this website, your school can .establish its own intentional culture.  Make us your school's resource.

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