Partnership for Whole School Change


 About Us, Continued.


The PWSC is teachers, administrators, parents, humanists, social scientists, artist/ educators, and school change coaches.  They can be members of grade schools, colleges, community agencies, businesses, and cultural, arts, and parent organizations. We also have a Transformational Support Team — a brain trust of highly skilled educators and social scientists who support our artist/educators and school coaches as they work in the field.  All of us are focused on helping school communities transform their school cultures, so they can prepare our children to humanely succeed in the global marketplace.


In our framework, a school's chief reason for being is to give all its children the capacity to realize their potential to live a better, richer life. Since our nation's schools are not changing to meet the global economy's challenge, many of our children are lacking the social status and economic power to attain this goal and survive with dignity. Our schools' inability to change to meet this challenge is a major source of poverty, crime, and family and community fragmentation. Fundamental school change and restructuring has to play a role in addressing these issues.
Our framework works from the premise that school culture has to be intentional for this change and restructuring to succeed. The PWSC's School Transformation Framework helps school communities create an intentional school culture that makes school change and restructuring an ongoing part of school life. It gives school communities the know how to implement school change and the ability to realize when school change is necessary.
Our framework's strategies and practices are presented in a way that inspires school members to undergo a shift of awareness. Our framework's focus on the global marketplace helps school communities make what is taught and learned relevant in today's social and economic reality.  At the core of our framework are performing and visual art experiences that facilitate the school's transformational process. The arts and the artists play a central role in our frameworks, because what they both do places them at the for-front of learning what it means to be human. 
To see what this change looks like in a school that prepares students for the twenty-first century, visit our 14 Action Steps. The PWSC is located in Jamaica Plain — Boston's immerging school change innovation cluster.
We help schools establish cultures that:
  • promote authentic, caring school relationships;
  • prepare each student to succeed academically and socially and realize success in testing and real life situations;
  • place students first, treat school staffs fairly, and empower parents to play a leadership role in their school;
  • enable diverse school community members to have transformational meetings that promote leadership and leadership support and attain effective, sound decisions;
  • provide the skills school communities needed to deal effectively and humanely with sex, race, class, and other oppressive institutions;
  • teach the ethics, habits, and civic values that establish a sound character;
  • give schools the capacity to change when real and critical issues challenge them to do so; and
  • prepare schools for the twenty-first century, so they can ready school graduates to humanely succeed in the global marketplace.

What brings those affiliated with the PWSC together is their desire to:

  • work with others to continue to improve the capacity of our nation's schools to change their cultures to address student and staff needs and enhance teaching and learning;
  • give schools the status that matches their importance and role as being institutions that are clearly essential for our national survival;
  • work together to make our school transformation process more user friendly for every school and every school community member;
  • improve our School Transformation Framework and add to and improve on our 35 transformational services, programs, and strategies;
  • pioneer change that closes the resource and achievement gap between educationally underserved and resource rich communities; and
  • bring people from around the world together to do this most important work (people can take the first step by "liking" us on Facebook).
See the PWSC School Implementation Strategy to learn more about how we work with schools and school systems. If you wish to speak with a PWSC representative, contact us via email, or call us at 617-524-6378 and ask for J. Curtis Jones. 
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