Partnership for Whole School Change



Our adult citizens, especially our K-12 educators, need this commission to understand and deal more effectively with the following global market dynamics.

ADULT CITIZENS need to know that the global marketplace is one of the most powerful technologies humans have ever devised. This much power requires every citizen to have a basic understanding of this market. This understanding needs to be based on the scientific method and each citizen's social and emotional capacity to care about, cooperate, and respect people and nature. Its power makes it imperative that our citizens have the personal and social abilities to work with and influence its dynamics.
ADULT CITIZENS need to know that this market is a tool that takes the form of an institution. An institution can be seen as a mechanism that is part of the social structure. Institutions organize what humans do, think, and feel. Humans created each of the countless institutions that exist to realize an outcome. Like all other tools, an institution is an extension of the human mind and body and serves to leverage the mind and body's power.
Like all tools and machines, the global market is not an idea or a moral code, for only people can have ideas and moral codes. This market is a thing, like the wind or the tide. The wind is a configuration of air molecules, and the tide is a configuration of water molecules. And, the global market is a configuration of trillions of transactions humans have to make to live. This situation gives meaning to the term, making a living.
Though these three mindless forces have and will do horrific and good things for and to us, they lack the capacity to be good or evil, and they should not be taught as being something that is good or evil.
Like any hammer, car, or boat, the global market needs to be seen as the tool that it is and managed humanely. To do this, people have to transcend ideologies that cause them to misuse itK-12 experiences can determine what people are able to do with globalization.
ADULT CITIZENS need to appreciate why the global market is one of many powerful rogue tools (i.e., nuclear weapons, antibiotics, war, money, etc.) that keep caring, knowledgeable people awake at night. This market behaves like a runaway train. The people on it do not know that no one is driving the train. What makes these tools more dangerous than a runaway train is that all humanity is riding on them.
Adult citizens need the knowledge, social skills, and the courage to appreciate this situation. They need the capacity to reach out to others, prepare themselves, and, if needed, take action that is appropriate.
ADULT CITIZENS need to understand this market as being a two edge sword that cuts both ways. The cut can build up or cut down the life styles, places, and values we all hold dear. Whichever way the sword cuts, sound global market knowledge will be the citizen's best tool for benefiting from or coping with market events. Each citizen needs to realize that this market has the power to build up or undermine:
  • communities, regions, and nations;
  • everybody's social status and wealth creation capacity and their human and civil rights; 
  • every person's quality of life;
  • everyone's ecological circumstances based on the global market's capacity to speed up, slow down, or stop global warming, the destruction of species, and the habitats that support life on earth; and
  • every person's access to health, public safety, civic engagement, personnel and social development, social justice, legal justice, educational opportunities, and other values and needs we all hold dear.

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