Partnership for Whole School Change


The PWSC's 35 "Tools" Listed

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The effectiveness of each of our transformational "tools" has been tested in school and classroom settings, making it possible for them to be replicated and implemented to facilitate your school’s transformation process.  Despite these efforts, we realize that even if these tools have been successfully implemented in one school culture does not mean that they will be as easily implemented in another.  For this reason, we forge the type of authentic, caring, relationships that give school staff and our school coaches the capacity to modify existing tools or create new tools.


The PWSC’s 35 tools are listed below in alphabetical order — first under Trans-formational Programs and Projects and second under Transformational Strategies, Lessons, Activities, and Seminars.


  • CAI's Eight-Step Program For Achieving An Intentional School Culture
  • CAI's Language Arts Project
  • Closing The Gap
  • Healthy Habits Initiative (visit site)
  • PWSC’s After-School Project  
  • PWSC’s School Climate Project
  • PWSC's Strategic School Planning Project
  • The Peace Drum Project
  • The Principal And Teachers' Role In The Transformation Of School Culture: A    Professional Development Session and A Graduate College Course
  • Peaceable Schools And Communities
  • School team building project  
  • The Tribal Rhythms® Program And Curriculum


  • School Team Building Professional Development Opportunity To Achieve Leadership, Consensus Decision-Making, And Meeting Management Skills
  • Achieving Leadership, Group Consensus, And Meeting Management Skills In An    Educational Setting: An Interactive Forum, Lecture, Seminar, Or Keynote
  • Artist In-Classroom Sessions With Students And Their Teacher  
  • Assessment Council Circles (gathers evaluation data from students)
  • Celebration Of Diversity 
  • Choosing Your Students To Be Tribe Helpers 
  • Cognitive Affective Coupling 
  • Council Of Elders 
  • Drum Making And Playing For Teachers and Parents: A Team-building Workshop  
  • Evaluation Contract 
  • Evaluation Strategy For PWSC’s Projects 
  • Open Space Technology
  • Project Orientation Sessions For Project Participants 
  • Pull Up A Rock, Let's Talk: Overcoming Destructive Power Relationship
  • PWSC's Advisory Committee
  • PWSC’s Family And Community Outreach Team
  • PWSC’s School Climate Professional Development Session(s)
  • PWSC’s Transformational Support Team  
  • School Planning And Curriculum Development Teams
  • The Creativity Break 
  • The Student As Ambassador: Representing The Classroom Learning Tribe In the Home
  • School Team Building Process: A Manual for Achieving Leadership, Consensus Decision-Making, and Meeting Management Skills 
  • Transforming School Climate: An Interactive Forum, Lecture, Seminar, Or Keynote

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