Partnership for Whole School Change



Each of the organizations and individuals listed below who support this proposal bring their own perspectives concerning the need for a state Education Commission on K-12 Education and Globalization. Despite their different work and experiences, all of them have been made aware of the individual and social cost of having a general public that lacks sound global market knowledge and understanding.

We all agree that our children and our state cannot realize the outcomes we all claim to want for them if our K-12 schools keep preparing our children for the world that predated the global marketplace. Simply put, our schools continue to prepare our children for a world that no longer exists. We are in agreement that a state education commission that is based on this proposal is the place where this critical oversight can best be corrected.  


  • Community Works;
  • Paige Academy;
  • Communities Without Borders;
  • African American Master Artist-in-Residence a program of African American Studies at Northeastern University;
  • Hawthorne Youth & Community Center;
  • Alliance For Animals;
  • Partnership For Whole School Change (PWSC);
  • Concerned United Birth Parents (CUB);
  • Emerge;
  • Association of Haitian Women
  • Cooperative Artists Institute;
  • Boston Self Help Center; and
  • Stonybrook Neighborhood Association that supports this proposal receiving a fair statehouse hearing.


Currently one hundred and seventy people have signed a petition in support of this proposal. These supporters were obtained without a formal signature drive. Most of the people were eager to sign. Of the 170 signatures obtained only eight people who read the petition refused to sign it, and one of them voiced his discomfort about having “too many people in this country with marketplace knowledge.”

Our supporters are state residents. Many of them participate in or are part of neighborhood associations, health centers, and are from the public school systems of Springfield, Boston, Framingham, Wilbraham, Norwell, Holden, Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, Tyngsborough and Concord. Some of our supporters are employed by or are affiliated with our state’s businesses, state and local government, the Center For Peaceable Schools and Communities, the Boston Teacher's Union, Emerson College, Lesley University, and Northeastern University.


Aardvark Jazz Orchestra and Chorus with narration by a Cooperative Artists Institute artist performed Duke Ellingtons' Sacred Music as a benefit for Community Works.