Partnership for Whole School Change




 We asked  the following three questions to a hundred Greater Boston residents. Are our K-12 schools preparing our:

  • children to humanely succeed in the global marketplace?
  • communities to succeed in the global economy?
  • nation to succeed in the 21st century?

Eighty three percent of the respondents said no, and not one yes was unqualified. If your answer is no or your yes is weighted with qualifications, you need to visit this website. In it, you will not find readymade solutions for these or other school challenges.

What you will find is a framework that gives K-12 school communities the ability to establish their own school cultures. These cultures excel at preparing our schools for the 21st century and creating highly effective solutions that address your school community's needs 

 Those Using this website will:   
  • read our proposal to pass a state bill to establish an education commission that supports schools that prepare our students to humanely succeed in the the global marketplace.
  • learn how our implementation strategy, the components that guide it, and the  performing and visual arts help your school prepare its students to humanely navigate this global marketplace; 
  • find out what the education establishment and the college schools of education do and what they are not doing to help our K-12 schools accomplish this goal;
  • discover how any person who cares about schools (a teacher, parent, or a concerned  citizen)  can  take  the  first  steps  towards  achieving  this  goal; and
  • understand why Massachusetts can lose its first world status if its schools do not enable its poorest citizens to humanely succeed as wealth creators in the global marketplace.

 To join this effort,  please submit a take action email. On it, tell us how you wish to participate. Please study and share this websiteand use the email to help us refine the website. If you have not signed the petition to pass the state bill, you can sign it on the take action email above. To answer other questions, call us at 617- 524-6378 and ask for Amanda Fish.



                                     UNEXPECTED EVENTS                                       (PARTIES FUNDRAISING NETWORKING)

The Unexpected Parties

To attend check this web page or email or call use at 617-524-6378 to give us your email address to receive your party invitation

Jamaica Plain's underground band, The Unexpected, gave a well appreciate performance and the drum circle participants played on hand-made drums and musical instruments with creativity and enthusiasm.  People arrive with the open, generous, playful spirit of a stone soup rent party. Many tasty potluck dishes, snacks, and drinks were place on the refreshment tables. There was dancing on our fine dance floor inspired by Spin Master Ty DePass' taste for great sounds. The Unexpected Party also served as a fundraiser that provided donations to support the PWSC’s important work. 

We want to thank:

  • all those who took action and attended the party and supported, with their presence and donations, the creation of a state commission to prepare Massachusetts school for the global marketplace;
  • The Unexpected band with Cyril on alto sax, Jafar on drums, Bob on bass, Tom on guitar, and Curtis on vibraphone; 
  • all those who submitted the Take Action volunteer form, and signed the petition to support the creation of the bill.  Over 173 people have signed it; and
  • the Cooperative Artists Institute’s Board of Directors and volunteers for their donations and support, and the support of our Stonybrook neighbors in our beautiful community.